Saturday, 13 August 2011

joke of the day

On a certain late afternoon, an elegant elderly woman appeared in the Governor's Office with a  she claimed was full of money and demanded to see the Governor. After a lot of paper shuffling and phone calls, she was allowed to see His Excellency. The Governor was curious to know why the woman came to his office with a  of money. 'How much do you have in that ?'. "10 million Naira Your Excellency, and I made it through gambling. I make big bets and win big". The Governor was intrigued. "Your Excellency, am here to make a bet with you that your balls are square, not round" 'My balls are square? How much do you want to bet on that?' "I will bet N25m that your balls are square and we can verify that at 11am tomorrow in this office". The Governor smiled and made the bet. All through the night the Governor kept checking to ensure there was nothing wrong with his balls. Promptly at 11am next day the woman arrived the Governor's office with her lawyer. She requested the Governor to drop his trousers and boxer so his balls could be checked. Since so much money was involved, he obliged. The woman further requested that she be allowed to touch the Governor's balls to be sure. Again the Governor obliged. As the woman was feeling His Excellency's ball with her fingers, her lawyer started banging his head on the wall. 'What's wrong with your lawyer?' Governor asked. The woman laughed and said, "I bet N100m with him that I would have the Governor's balls in my hands before noon today!"

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