Saturday, 29 October 2011


SILVERBIRD has done it again......dey put 2geda a group of unassuming young pple and pretend 2 be trying 2 pick out d best amongst dem while indeed dey already have well laid out plans..instead of wasting pples tym its beta silverbird just mks it open dah highest bidder gets d title dat way pple are already aware of wats hapning...all d men who contested 4 d mr nigeria 2dae are either fresh graduates,models,students or unemployed ..its only 1 of dem dah has a well paid job DEJI it didn't come across as a huge surprise wen he was declared winner among d lot even when he Is d least handsome and has d worst body build of all d 18 contestants...and he wants 2 rule bayelsa...NOOOOOOOOO WAY if he can't manage a simple pageant properly wivout partiality den he wud ruin bayelsa if gvn d opportunity ...PLS COPY AND PASTE DIS EVRYWHERE TILL IT GETS 2 d BRUCE FAMILY so dey no we no wat dey are doing ...

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